March 16, 2015

Shield and Sword

     With my arms
     I have tried to protect you
     I told you
     Of my joys
     So my wounds
     You couldn't share

     I petitioned to God 
     For him to give you wonder
     My prayers were themed 
     Asking for you to be free

     If I was in pain
     My heart would soar
     Thinking that you hurt not
     That you were innocent

     In my dreams 
     They take you
     And it is I who comes
     When they prepare their knives
     I come to you
     And they watch me 
     Hungrily they watch
     And I give myself for you

     I take your pain
     They torture, eat, hold me
     And my only joy
     Is knowing they cannot touch you

     In life I would do it
     I would take pain
     The pain meant for you
     It wasn't until now that I saw
     The greatest pain
     My arms can't deflect 
     Is me
     And that eventually I must leave

     My arms cannot shield 
     For they are the pain
     I sacrifice myself 
     But my sacrifice hurts you

     Last night I dreamt 
     They I gave myself to
     And the greatest pain
     Was feeling your eyes watch

     There was no joy
     And your eyes
     They hurt the most
 Poem 89 ~ 3/14/2013


  1. Yet another fantastic feat of poetry by the Damsel. Keep up the good work!

  2. Interesting...but what does it mean?

    1. Being poetry, it means different things to everyone. What you felt it means, is what it means to you. :)

    2. I know exactly what it means, but I am privy to the authors inner thoughts at times. These words are power. They brought tears.