March 23, 2015

Illogical Running

     Running turns to walking 
     When faced with ice
     So loving should turn to nothing
     When ones treated as a vice

     Yet the heart warms
     Though it may shiver
     So all to often
     The heart slowly withers 

     For it doesn't retreat 
     It simply stays
     When it should 
     have relinquished 
     It's prey
Poem 215 ~ 3/19/2015


  1. Okay it's after work so I am a little brain dead. I think my original comment was in regard to my understanding of the poem. I think what I asked was "Is the title and poem "Illogical Running" referencing the continued pursuit of the hearts goals even when it no longer make sense. Kind of as a statement to stay when the odds are against you to still continue forward toward the goal."

    1. Yes, "the continued pursuit of the hearts goals even when it no longer makes sense" is exactly what I was speaking towards. I was leaning towards more of a feeling that sometimes we should look around and see if it makes sense, and if we should change. "Running turns to walking/ When faced with ice" means to me that sometimes it is dangerous for our heart to keep seeking, and that it should "Have relinquished/ It's prey".
      As always, poetry is up to interpretation, what you took is what it means... what you felt is what it is. I like how you interpreted it, because that is another way to look at it. Sometimes there are dangers, but the goal our heart strives for is worth it.
      Thanks for the comment, and for re-posting!