August 27, 2015


I look in the mirror
What do I see?
Myself as I am?
Me as I appear?
The outer shell, 
That contains nothing?
The inner core, 
Shining out?

I look into your eyes. 
What is there?
Muscle, tissue, 
Chemical reactions?
The soul staring out
Through tinted panes?
Beauty pooling through
Yet, still contained?

Maybe it is but a farce
Faces may be just masks
Hiding our souls, 
From us, 
From them, 
And those we love. 

What would people think 
If our souls lay unmasked
Or perhaps I should ask
What would we be?

Poem 59 ~ 12/14/2012

August 2, 2015

What it is to be...

Sinking in misery
I curl around her
Arm around waist
Holding hands
Feet warming the other's 
We eat the silence
Embracing essence.

Crying in silence
Loving her 
Wishing for better
For less heartbreak
Greater kindness
For her. 

Breathing in hair
The hair
Smelling like mine
Our colors blending
The eyes matching
Noses just alike. 

Hearts different
Yet seeing
Just knowing 
I don't wish 
Her heart
To understand
The pain of mine.

She and I 
Her so sweet
Already begging 
To understand

Pain shouldn't be 
I don't want tears
For they shatter
They speak of things
She is to beautiful 
To see
To feel
To crack from 
To mend up.

Chin on shoulder
Knees tangled
Listening to breath
Feeling her breath
We inhale together
And I know 
What it is 
To be "sister"

Poem 224 ~ 4/5/2015