November 18, 2014

A Tribute

     Happy Birthday Grandpa! 
     Kindness, gentleness, and love.  Stories of the Wickenberg Triangle, camping trips, when you were dating Nanna, and your children.  Memories of sitting on your arm-rest, choosing homemade ice cream flavors, getting Swedish fish, being carried to your bed when sick, our pizza outings, and the times you'd take me to write all day with you.  There are so many things to thank you for.  I love the memory of you taking the time to try and prepare a 10 year old me for the stupidity, adoration, and hurt called boys.  I remember discussing the vastness of space and how you would explain things until I truly understood them.  I hope you are among those stars now, exploring the cosmos you so loved.

     Gosh I miss you.

     "Now I miss you more then I can take
      and I will surely break."

     "There's nothing more to it, 
       I just get through it."


  1. Well, if the point was to make me weep little a wee little baby, mission accomplished! I hope today was not too hard on you, but I cannot blame you if it was. I miss him very much, too. I am really glad he is your grandpa and that you had so much time with him. I am sure he is proud of you, as I am. Love you very much, sweet child of mine!

  2. The missing of him is a hurt I can not heal, but I wouldn't have it any other way. The alternative would mean a love not as deep and his truly was a canyon.