August 27, 2015


I look in the mirror
What do I see?
Myself as I am?
Me as I appear?
The outer shell, 
That contains nothing?
The inner core, 
Shining out?

I look into your eyes. 
What is there?
Muscle, tissue, 
Chemical reactions?
The soul staring out
Through tinted panes?
Beauty pooling through
Yet, still contained?

Maybe it is but a farce
Faces may be just masks
Hiding our souls, 
From us, 
From them, 
And those we love. 

What would people think 
If our souls lay unmasked
Or perhaps I should ask
What would we be?

Poem 59 ~ 12/14/2012


  1. You wrote that? Amazing! I've always had a lot of admiration for people who could say in words what I feel, because I'm not very good at it - especially poetry. Well done.

  2. Great writing.
    That is a nice poem.
    Feeling great after reading this.