September 30, 2013

Modesty is a Two Way Thing

     Modesty, seems to be something that a lot of people talk about.  How there is a lack thereof, why it doesn't matter, why it does, what is even the reason for modesty, and many more things.  Of course, as a LDS member, or as a "Mormon", I have this all figured out.  For myself.

     I think that modesty is a big deal.  Not just because it helps guys keep their thoughts clean, and because I believe it shows God that I respect the gift that is my body.  But also because I think that dressing modestly helps me feel the Holy Ghost (same thing as the Holy Spirit).  I believe that dressing modestly, and being modest can help me stay close to the Lord.

     Wait a sec. I just said "dressing modestly, and being modest" as if those are two separate things... I mean, aren't they pretty much the same? Ok. One sec here. What am I even saying?

     Ok, I'm talking about modesty.  Dressing modestly seems to be pretty much what everyone is concerned about.  When people talk about being modest, they always seem to be talking about clothing, or the lack thereof. So, I guess when I said those two very similar things "dressing modestly" and "being modest" I really am talking about two rather different, though related things. 
     In my mind dressing modestly is a really easy thing to do.  I mean, its pretty straightforward.  Either your parents (or church) has standards and you follow them, or you have dress standards, or perhaps you don't care.  But, anyway it is pretty simple to dress as you think you should.

     Interestingly people seem to think this modesty issue is only the girls problem.  But I find this ridiculous.  Not because it is just as easy for guys to dress provocatively (which is the main reason people talk about modesty), but because modesty is more then just a dressing issue. 

     Modesty has everything to do with not only how you dress, but how you act, what you say, and the things you choose to read, listen to, watch and simply be.  Modesty is a two way thing.  But, not only in the way you dress.  Guys can be modest by simply choosing to not watch videos with immodest people, or to not make crass jokes.  I think everyone who is concerned over the modesty issue should realize that its a two way thing, and it doesn't necessarily always apply to just fashion.


  1. You make a very good point about modesty being much more than just the way one dresses. I think all too often I get caught up in the idea of the way one dresses is an expression of ones beliefs and thoughts, which is not always the case. As a matter of fact, I am reminded that it is none of my business to even try to judge such a thing. Luckily that is somebody else's responsibility. Anyway, thanks for the thoughts. Love you!!!

  2. Interesting points, my girl.
    I agree with Greg, that associating one's beliefs and thoughts with their choice of dress is doing a disservice to that person.
    We are far more than our clothes or our hairstyles or our music and language.
    It seems to me that everyone should have their own personal standard. If that standard's foundation is in correlation with God, that is a great personal choice (in my opinion). If that standard's foundation comes from self reflection, personal experience, observations made over time, that is also a fine choice (again, in my opinion). So it is not our place to judge a person by their appearance. Let us instead see past our outward "expressions" and see people for who they ARE, rather than their shell. What are their interests? What makes them tick? What are they about? Those qualities will trump what shirt they're wearing EVERY time in my book. :)
    It's important to remember that everyone has personal accountability. That being said, it is our responsibility to control our own actions and thoughts. You can control the way you dress and the way you think, but you cannot, and should not be responsible for other people's actions and thoughts. It's a personal journey, and I think that your choice to dress and ACT modestly is a magnificent thing, and unless you specifically said why you have made this choice (which, you have in this very post) I would never dream of assuming I knew why it is you made this choice.
    Does that make sense at all?

    Love you so much, smart girl.

    1. Thanks my wonderful aunty for that great comment! I totally see what you mean and I agree in several aspects. Being Mormon I tend to cringe from seeing people immodestly dressed. However, I do not like to judge them for dressing the way they do. Others make their own choices, I make mine, and while I try to refrain from viewing things I see immodest I try not to judge.
      Of course you make sense. :)
      As always, I love you dearly! I hope I might expect a birthday call from you. ;)

  3. Of course! I got one from you cuties, didn't I? ;)