November 22, 2015

Thanksgiving Giveaway

     I am very excited to announce that for the next week I will be hosting a Giveaway!!

    Why? Because I want to share some of the things I am thankful for, and express my appreciation for you, my readers!  Having a blog is not that big of a deal.  Anyone and everyone could potentially have one.  However, the global interaction I have had makes it feel like something to me. 

     I am amazed that people I have never met read these words.  Last week I had over 100 views from the Ukraine alone.  I know nobody from the Ukraine.  Thus, that stat alone blows me away.  It amazes me to see that not only have I had views from India, but that India comes second for amount of views.  And not just a handful of views makes it second.  But 100's do.  I am continually amazed that I get views from places like France, Germany, Australia, China, Lebanon, Ireland, Spain, and Switzerland. 

     The fact that I have followers, and that others read what I say... that is something in my mind.  

     I want to thank you for that something!  So, go to my Instagram account @gossamerlens, or my GooglePlus account +TheDamsel to participate.  

     A winner will selected at random. They will be winning a shoutout on Instagram or GooglePlus (depending on which they posted), and a package including fall-ish cards, poem print, hot coco powder, a winter read, and an original piece of art done by a local artist I know!  Unfortunately I cannot ship outside of the U.S. at this stage in life.  However, don't let that deter you my global friends!  You can still win a postcard and shoutout on the social media account of your choice, and then a second U.S. winner will be selected to win the package. 

     The official instructions for entering can be found, on the accounts mentioned, on the post connected to the photo below: 

~The Official Thanksgiving Giveaway Photo~

     P.S.  A winner has been picked, and this giveaway has been wrapped up.  @lovely.noelany.mehndi can be found on Instagram.  She has inspired me with her lovely henna art, and sweet personality.  I am so happy she won!  I hope to further give thanks to other followers in the future.  Thank you to all who participated in the giveaway. Plus a huge thanks to those who participate by reading, commenting, liking, and sharing my work! 


  1. Hope you enjoyed your thanks! :D
    And I am happy that most of your views come from India, as I am Indian. XD

    1. I am constantly amazed that people read my blog, in general... much less those outside of my physical sphere of influence. Thanks so much for reading, and responding to the things I share and say! ^_^

  2. Same here! :)
    You're most welcome. :)
    I'll read some of your old work later on.
    Hope you found a winner. :D