May 18, 2015


Oh joy of joys! 
Elation that I feel
In my bosom burn

Why were you
So long in coming
To this mistress of yours?

I wanted to write
For the world
For you

And now my joy! 
I can write any and all
But why all this time?

I may be a child
But I am old in heart
A fine polish emerging 

You look at my face
You see youth
But eyes deceive like fools

You touch my heart
And you will find
The age of time

So why did you wait?
Why so long in coming
When I longed for you?

But at last my joy 
You are mine... 
Though not for long

My wisdom knows; 
Tomorrow I will yearn 
For the something I still lack

Yet, there is peace in my soul 
And joy fills my heart
For now at least, 
In this precious moment.
Poem 43 ~ 9/11/2012

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