April 13, 2015

The Blushing Sky

The moon steps down off the stage
The birds begin to chirp 
They twirl and sing their intro music
For the sun and earth
The sky is glad they love the act
So she smiles and blushes
Showing her emotions to all

The trees begin to wave their hands
For they do love the morning 
The sun begins to come on stage
The sky's blushing cheeks
Giving off their hues

And the squirrels call it
The pinks and reds of morning
And the bats think of it as fire
Chasing them back to their caves
And as the sky blushes
Her shadowed dimples cast in purple
Begin to become apparent

And all the world is bright
And joining in the smile of the sky
With singing hearts
And smiling faces
And a gratitude for life
Poem 17 ~ 4/29/2011


  1. Good imagery and pace in your poem.
    I am also an author on Trivia Crack--cool.

    1. I am glad to hear the praise/critic. Thank you!
      It is one of the better games I have found. ^-^

  2. Well done, it captures our gratitude for each new day. :)