February 13, 2014

Doctor Who

     Doctor Who... what to say... hmmmm...

     Well, how about I go with what I am thinking which is pretty much this: I NEVER thought I'd like Doctor Who... well before August that is.  Here is the thing.  I really did try, hard, to like it for awhile.  Unfortunately the first season I watched was just kinda lame.  I mean, Rose Tyler.  Come-on?  Who likes her?!  I might have just offended someone.  Sorry!  But really, the first Episodes with the 9th Doctor were truly... not my thing.  The computer graphics were strange, Rose was terrible, and I was expecting something 'scary.' 

     Somehow I got through that season though and my 'work' payed off.  I surprised myself... I don't know when, but at some point I realized that I liked the show.  I found myself laughing at the wonderful things the Doctor says, and even though I never really liked Rose, I found her bearable.  I may have even cried when she left the Doctor.

     I truly enjoy it now and would say I'm pretty much a whovian and that bow ties, converse, and Tardis Blue are some of my favorite things because of it.

     Now I think I've sufficiently said all I want to about Doctor Who.  Though I could say more... why should I?  Okay... actually... I'm just going to continue on with it.  So, here I go with a list:

Reasons I like Doctor Who:
  1.   The Doctor is a gentleman, and its nice. 
  2.   The Tardis is bigger on the inside, and smaller on the outside... which is just fun.  
  3.   I laugh almost every episode (after that first season this definitely applies).
  4.   I love a lot of the side characters.
  5.   Doctor Who gives you something to talk about.  It just does.  It's a fact people. 
  6.   David Tenant made me cry... a couple of times.  He was wonderful. 
  7.   Even though I cried when David Tenant left (and felt like I might hate the show again) I fell in love with Matt Smith and now I can't imagine his leaving.  Well... I can imagine it.... I might cry... a lot. 
  8.   Bow ties are legitimately cool in of themselves and the Doctor liking them makes it that much better.
  9.   I can watch the show with my WHOLE family!!  Their aren't a lot of shows you can do that with.  Although, I still think Firefly is the best TV show still I do enjoy the Doctor's family friendly-ness. 
  10.   I just like it... its funny.  Its enjoyable.  How do you explain love? I don't know.  How do you explain liking Doctor Who?  I don't know... 

I will be back with something different latter.  For now, I shall enjoy being a teenage browncoat whovian.
Let me leave you with a quote: "Wibbly wobbly timey wimey... stuff."


  1. Very nice! Glad you found the show. I used to love it when I was younger... starts to drag after seven seasons, tho... :P
    Just a friendly warning: Don't become a "Whovian". You can like the show without being a rabid fan. There's a girl I know who is a whovian, literally dresses just like one of the main characters (Rose, I think), talks in a British accent, and uses a Dr. Who quote every third sentence. Quite obnoxious. Fortunately, you can love a show without being consumed by it! I may re-watch the series so we can talk about it. :D

    1. Like I said I started with the new seasons... so I haven't actually watch the original seasons, and I haven't experienced any 'drag' yet. :)
      "Whovian" simply means that your a fan of Doctor Who... Your friend may consider herself a Whovian, but there are in fact different levels of Whovian. Mine is the type that doesn't involve annoying people. haha
      I love the show, I am a fan, and I will never dress like Rose.
      You should totally watch the new Seasons! They are beautiful, and it would be fun to talk to you about it. :D

  2. hey Naomi I love this :D
    love you

    1. Yes... A year or so latter I am commenting... I love you too!!