March 21, 2013


     What is time?

     Since the beginning we have tried to answer this questions by capturing time.  We have defined what it is.  Time tics by in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and inevitably in years and increments of years.  We built clocks to help us see time pass, our phones, iPods, computers, and stoves have the time kept on them, so we can watch it pass and keep up with our schedule.

     We are obsessed with capturing and taming the things that we cannot see.  Time runs most of ours lives.  But time is something that passes its not a clear concise thing that you can hold, see, smell, or taste.  None of ours senses sense it.  It simply... is.

     There is another thing like time, in fact it is closely intertwined.  This thing is age.  You ask a toddler how old they are and they will proudly state that they are 3 or 4, but sometimes they also throw in a "And I'm a big boy!"  Sometimes they simply say whatever age they want to.  For a couple years I told people I was 18.

     Naturally we all smile and pat the little tykes head and indulge them, letting them say it, and knowing that eventually they'll figure things out.

     We have defined things so that are heads can deal with the in-sensible.  Some of our definitions make perfect sense.  Seriously, how would the world work if we didn't have time?  We wouldn't be able to say "I'll see you in a week," "Wait just a sec," or "A couple days ago..."

     Time helps us function as a society.  So, what does age do?  Does it help society function, is it simple math, does it make things easier, and what does it mean to us?

    I certainly don't have all the answers I want, but I can share with you what I feel, have experienced, and concluded.

    So this is what I shall be posting about in the near future.  For a little while ate least.

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  1. I think one of my favorite things about this post is that you have put it under the label, "Invisible Stuff." True, time is invisible to the eye, but not so much age - in fact you could say that time finds its visibility in mortality.

    I'm grateful for the handful of time God has given me. And that you are part of it.